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Aerosea is the world happened in alternate far future of our universe. Occupied by multitude anthropomorphic it sets base of deriving different cultures.

Civilization and Culture

Roughly Aerosea are divided into eight civilization, this is a rough division and not an exact point:

  • Chaeng Kheum
    • Chaeng Kheum is considered as the eastern most of Terayan, Chaeng Kheum culture is reserved and self represing, emphasizing on honor, Changekian is viewed as Shy, Polite and Cynical at the same time, race of Chaengkian is generally Horned lizards.
  • Panaysian
    • Panaysian live in the Panaya continent-island and the archipelago to the west of it, Panaysian their culture is very environmentalist, but considered by other as significantly backward, race of Panay is divided into two major race. The Archipelagic Panaysian are tigers, the Mainland Panaysian is Bovine (Goat, Cattles, and Antelope) and Equine, there is also some airborn race and rodents in Panaysia.
  • Sapatjesz
    • Sapatjesz are the people to the north, Sapaetjes, like their climate is a hard, no nonsense people, they are generally cold and stoic, most sapatjeszian is nomadic, and are generally Ursine.
  • Tyskarri
    • Tyskarrian likes the simplicity of life, their culture can be described as ultra modern and minimalist at same time, race of Tyskarri are generally lupine and lagomorph, they are notable for their very light colorization. Tyskarrian are the scientist of the new world, many modern invention are Tyskarrian of origin. It is not an overstatement thatr Tyskarri is the most advanced race in Aerosea. Before the world war, Tyskarri used to be united under the Tyskarrian Federation, Encompassing parts of Setsäärri and Sapatjesz
  • Setsäärri
    • Setsäärri are viewed as a kind but oddball peoples with unorthodox way of thinking. Race of Setsaari is mostly cervines (Deer, Moose, Elks).
  • Ismath
    • Ismath is the steppe land, the craddle of ancient civilization, and the birthplace of Ramashic belief that are now held by Half of the population of Therayan, Ismathian is used to be a scientifically driven people, they produce inventors, discoverers, and philosophers of the ancient time, nowadays, Ismath are more known for their fine taste in arts. the race of Ismath is generally Lions, and Aardvarks, and Steppes animal.
  • Rovaya
    • Rovaya encompas the lake sea between ismath and Tyskarri, Rovayan is a very Industrious people, and known to always compete with Tyskarri in term of global marketting. Race of Rovayan is generally Foxes. Rovaya, before the world war, colonizes to the west, the land of Qatlasian
  • Qatlaisa
    • The last but not least is the Qatlaisan, Qatlaisa continent being stretched north to south are home to wide range of sub cultures, they are traditional, not unlike the Panayan. Race of Qatlaisa is very diverse, ranging from Forest Felines like Jaguar, Reptiles, Marsupials to Arctic bear to the north.