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Conworlding, also called worldbuilding, is the process of constructing an imaginary world, sometimes associated with a whole fictional universe. The resulting world may be called a constructed world or a conworld. The term "worldbuilding" was popularized at science fiction writers' workshops in the 1970s. Developing an imaginary setting with coherent qualities such as a history, geography, and ecology is a key task for many science fiction or fantasy writers. Worldbuilding often involves the creation of maps, a backstory, and people for the world. Constructed worlds can enrich the backstory and history of fictional works, and it is not uncommon for authors to revise their constructed worlds while completing its associated work. Constructed worlds can be created for personal amusement and mental exercise, or for specific creative endeavors such as novels, video games, or role-playing games. (read more)

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Featured article

Flag of Inland Empire.svg Inland Empire | Featured region
Inland Empire highlighted in Sierra.

Author: Centrist16
Project: Altverse II
Country: Sierra
Population: 6,307,895
Capital: Riverside
Summary: The Inland Empire is a province located in southwestern Sierra which encompasses most of the Mojave Desert as well as portions of the Colorado Desert. It is the fourth most populous and the fifth largest province in the Kingdom. The Inland Empire's capital and largest city is Riverside, which serves as the central hub for the province's economy, education, population, and politics. The official 2010 census population was 6,307,895. The province is the 12th province to be admitted into the Kingdom, and was formally incorporated on October 22, 1888 after sections of the Gold Coast and Central Valley were partitioned.

The Inland Empire is considered a part of the Southwest Corridor. It shares borders with nine neighboring provinces–the most in the country–which are: Orange, Gold Coast, and Kings to the west; Central Valley and Clark to the north; Mohave and Maricopa to the east; and Laguna and Imperial to the south. It and Imperial are the only Southwest Corridor provinces which do not have a coastline in the Pacific Ocean, and are completely landlocked.

Much of the Inland Empire features a desert climate, characterized with very hot summers and mild winters. The Mojave Desert dominates nearly all of the province. It features a number of mountain ranges, some of which supports pine forests and even snow at higher elevations, including the San Bernardino Mountains and the San Jacinto Mountains. The San Gorgonio Mountain is the highest peak in the province, at 11,503 feet (3,506 m). The commercially and geographically significant Colorado River defines a section of the Inland Empire's eastern boundaries. The Santa Ana River, another major river, originates and flows out of the Inland Empire towards Orange.

Since the Sierran Cultural Revolution and Great War II, the Inland Empire continues to enjoy one of the fastest growing population rates in all of Anglo-America and one of the highest GDP per capita in the Kingdom. The province is a major center for the logistics, defense, transportation, education, information technology, mining, government services, and real estate industries. In addition, it is a major tourist destination for outdoor recreation and other significant venues. Although it suffered a period of increased gang violence and methamphetamine production during the 1970s and 1980s, the province has made significant improvements in public health, public safety, and economic inequality issues. The Inland Empire has the 5th highest median average income and has ranked high on a number of metrics measuring overall health, happiness, economic success, lifestyle, and spirituality. Residents from the Inland Empire are called Inlanders. (more...)

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About the Wiki

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Originally founded on Wikia, the Constructed Worlds Wiki, affectionately known as Conworlds, is a place to host and share constructed worlds, alternate history, and other creative endeavours. Projects of any nature are welcome here, and creativity is encouraged!

On Mainspace articles we suggest that writers follow our Manual of Style. The majority of content on the Mainspace is written in an encyclopedic format like on Wikipedia. For all other kinds of pages, there are a number of namespaces anyone can use. Editors can opt in their pages to our content assessment system, vote to feature articles at the village pump, and even earn awards and decorations for their writing.

It is important to fully review and understand our policies and guidelines before editing on our Wiki. The Admins generally prefer to let people self-regulate, but it is for the sake of keeping Conworlds an inclusive and safe community that we insure compliance with these policies. Particularly of import are the protocols around copyrights.

Aside from our policies, it is also important that users understand the Four Cs: civility, collaboration, consensus, and cooperation.

Civility: Editors should treat each other with courtesy, good faith, and respect.
Collaboration: Editors should make an effort to work together on shared projects.
Consensus: Editors should participate in decision-making and seek arrangements which are suitable to all.
Cooperation: Editors should never wantonly antagonize or hinder others.

Finally, new editors or users should understand what Conworlds is not. This website is for free content: by editing the Constructed Worlds Wiki, you agree to license any text you add under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 4.0 (Unported). If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to leave a message on any of the Admins' talk pages or join our community Discord chat.

Thank you for visiting and happy conworlding!

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The Attribution and Copyright Compliance Task Force (abbreviated ACCTF) is a Conworlds task force and project which aims to identify and resolve attribution issues involving the articles, templates, files, and categories of the Constructed Worlds Wiki. Due to the nature of the Constructed Worlds Wiki first and foremost as a worldbuilding community wiki that seeks to emulate the appearance and style of Wikipedia, many of its articles are based on or inspired by Wikipedia. Consequently, it may feature articles which may or may not properly attribute its Wikipedia sourced material. Material which has been copied, transposed, imported, or derived from Wikipedia (and elsewhere) which fail to have proper attribution may be in violation of Wikipedia's or other similar sites' copyrights. The Constructed Worlds Wiki administration takes this very seriously, as non-compliance or negligence may have legal ramifications. To that end, the ACCTF was created on 3 March 2023 to meet the demands and standards of proper attribution and copyright compliance with respect to Canadian copyright law. If you are interested in assisting the wiki with this important responsibility, please join the ACCTF today!

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The inaugural 2024 Paracosmic Awards recognized the outstanding editors, projects, and content on the Constructed Worlds Wiki. Nominations and voting took place in January and February 2024. The 2024 Paracosmos recognized content from 2023 in addition to content from earlier years in the Lifetime Achievement categories.

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Patron Article of the Month – Black Mesa Research Facility by F0rsaken, selected by Centrist16

Black Mesa Research Facility (or officially; the Black Mesa Advanced Research Facility, and formerly; Black Mesa Research Foundation (1945–1956)) was an American information, data, advanced physics and federally funded research and development center in Black Mesa, New Mexico, United States. Founded in 1945, the laboratory was owned by private holder, Wallace Breen, who was also the founder of Black Mesa in 1945, and was administered by University of New Mexico's Physics Institute. While the facility ostensibly conducts military-industrial research, its secret experiments into teleportation have caused it to make contact with the alien world of Xen, and its scientists covertly studied its life-forms and materials. In a catastrophic event known as the Black Mesa Incident, the anti-mass spectrometer experiment 12-06-2001 conducted on Xen Crystal Sample GG-3883, caused a resonance cascade that caused the destruction of the facility before the destruction of the site by a nuclear weapon on 7 December 2000.

The science foundation was created between Wallace Breen, Jonathan Whitehead, and a couple other colleagues at the University of New Mexico's Physics Institute, who began experimenting with advanced physics after receiving governmental support by the team behind the Manhattan Project, and the (at the time) currently active Nuclear Weapons Program in the United States.

In the late 20th century, Black Mesa had grown a positive reception in the Physics & Science field, having contributed much to the advancement of both fields through their teleportation technology that they had mastered through out the 60s and 70s, being one of the main rivals against former Research and Development company, Aperture Science, who had lost their spot as the number one science company in the country to Black Mesa themselves, having gone bankrupt by 1997.

Black Mesa was previously famous for their teleportation technology among the physics science field, and held the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize for the Sector C Anti-Mass Spectrometer team, which included Colette Green, Cheryl Hicks, Gina Cross, Eli Vance, Isaac Kleiner, and the head of the facility, Wallace Breen. Until December 6, 2000, which was the date of the aforementioned Resonance Cascade that destroyed the facility, and also caused the Xen Invasion and later Seven Hour War.

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