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A to-scale map of the Light Realm of the Earth in The Creation of the Heavens and the Earth

Earth is the planet in which the events of the videogame The Creation of the Heavens and the Earth take place. After the attacks by the Evil, it remains the sole planet in the solar system with intelligent life. Earth's mentality creates a large wall of earth that protects the user.


Pre-Blobby Era

Not much is known about the planet Earth before the reign of Blobby, due to the Earth having been flooded after the death of the prophet Sher, but there are a few pieces of remaining archaeological evidence that has been recovered, which paint somewhat of a picture as to what the Earth was like back then.

It seems that civilization was extremely advanced, perhaps far more than even the Saronids of the Shadow Realm. It also seems to have been inhabited by far more sapient species other than humans, given how Blobby and his people aren't humans. Records seem to indicate that this was quite possibly the most prosperous and peaceful era, which is quite a contrast to what would soon come

Blobby Era

Eventually, a figure known as Yazid "Blobby" the Lava Tyrant came to power. Despite archaeological evidence showing that his real name is Yazid, he is commonly known in folklore as Blobby, which is the name of his species. He took power over the Kingdom of Lavaland, and soon went embarked on a conquest to take over the world. He planned to eradicate all other races besides the Blobbies, thus his conquest caused massive wars and conflicts across the entire world. Eventually, he had conquered the entire world and put into effect his plan to make his people the sole dominating race.

But it was at this point that a man claiming to be a prophet of the God had come, his name being Sher. Sher was half-human half-dragon, making him of both the Shadow Realm and the Light Realm. He had started preaching to people of a religion that promotes strict monotheism, righteousness, and justice. This had caught the attention of the Lava Tyrant, and thus he had personally visited Sher. Sher told him that he wanted a peace treaty with the Lava Tyrant so that Sher and his followers could have a city of safety where they could live peacefully. The Lava Tyrant was amused with this offer, and decided to have a bit of fun with this request. He did offer them their own city, but it would be in the Isle of Death, an inhospitable and uninhabited land that was completely unsuitable for anyone to live in. But to the surprise of Blobby, Sher had accepted this offer, and thus Sher and his followers moved to the Isle of Death.

When they moved to the Isle of Death, Sher and his followers had been very fearful for their lives. But Sher had told them to not fear, since the God was on their side, and that this isle shall hereby be known as the Isle of Hope. Miraculously, it had turned into the most prosperous city in the world. The harsh deserts had become a beautiful green, with wonderful crops blooming forth and an abundance of water. When this news reached Blobby, he was enraged, and had thus ordered the siege of the Isle of Hope. Sher had preemptively known when Blobby was going to attack; so before the holy city had been destroyed, he told all of his followers to spread out to 5 parts of the Earth, and foretold his last prophecy. "There will be peace for millennia to come, but eventually that peace will come to an end. When that time comes, a man from my honorable descent shall come to bring justice. If the people had enjoined the good and forbade the evil, he shall come to bring them salvation. But if the people had forbade the good and enjoined the evil... Then he shall completely annihilate them."

When Blobby and his troops came, they saw that the city was completely abandoned, with the exception of Sher. Blobby had become even more outraged, and thus he and his troops started viciously attacking Sher. While the prophet had fought valiantly, he eventually was martyred, and thus had begun the end of his reign. Soon, springs from the ground had burst and rain from the sky heavily fallen. The ground and the sky had touched, the Earth had completely flooded, and thus it had turned the whole ground into the ocean floor. The only land spared were the 5 parts of the Earth, as the continents had floated into the sky high above the clouds. And thus, humans had become the only sapient species of the Light Realm.

Pre-Gooey Era

Just as the prophecy had foretold, there was peace afterwards for many centuries... Well, at least in the Light Realm. In the Shadow Realm, there was still the good old rivalry between the Shadows and the Spirits, constantly trying to one-up each other. But the dragons were superior to both of them, so if things got too out of hand, they would intervene to stop their nonsense. Overall, this had been a very stable era of history.

Gooey Era

It was just another day the inhabitants of Earth were living peacefully, when suddenly, the Gooeys came. The Gooeys are an odd species, originating from a completely different universe, and had their own religion known as Christianity. The Gooeys came to colonize other planets in order to "civilize" them and spread the Christian faith. Due to the resemblance in both their role and physical appearance, the Gooeys were seen to be a reincarnation of the Blobbies by the Sheris.

Due to the luddite nature of the Sheris, the Christians were able to easily conquer them. They came and spread their technological advancement and their Christian faith. Due to the Blobby era being an ancient tale at this point, many Sheris had converted to Christianity and embraced these new technologies. But many Sheris had been highly opposed to Christianity due to it permitting things like alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine; all of which are forbidden in the Sheri faith. But the Gooeys would not tolerate Sheri resistance, and thus the Sheris had been violently persecuted, and thus effectively banished to the Shadow Realm to even have a chance of surviving.

Another problematic factor that happened to coincide with this was the rise of the Saronids. The Saronids were a newly emerging race that had the advantage of extremely high intelligence and a very high birthrate. This meant that when Christianity had been introduced, it was a natural fit for them. They had then built upon this newly introduced technology with their own advancements, and thus they quickly became the dominant species of the Shadow Realm. The invasion of the Gooeys coinciding with the rise of the Saronids was such an immense event, that every single Sheri had to work together to make sure they were not completely wiped out, resulting in the absolutely unbelievable cooperation of the Shadows and the Spirits. Such a thing had never been seen before, but it was absolutely necessary with the dire circumstances they faced.

Sheri Revolts

The Sheris of the Shadow Realm decided to cooperate with the Sheris of the Light Realm in a joint effort to get rid of the Gooeys from any positions of power. Thus, they all came to the Light Realm and put the Sheri humans in power; and after their success, the Sheris of the Shadow Realm returned home to continue their fight against the Saronids. All of the surviving government officials of the Gooey Kingdom were forced into exile deep in the Limbo Realm, a normally inaccessible and uninhabitable Realm that can only be reached in very few ways.

Sheris have finally become the majority in the Light Realm, and thus their persecution of the Christians begins, many of whom attempted to illegally immigrate to the Shadow Realm to seek refuge in the Saronid cities. The Sheri revolts against the Saronids are still ongoing today, due to the Saronids being significantly harder to deal with than the Gooeys, and so Christians are still the majority in the Shadow Realm. This massive amount of illegal immigration has thus given birth to a new role, the Guardian of the Realms. Both sides agreed that someone should guard the Realms so that people do not cross into the Realms without proper permission, with the Guardian being the strongest person who is willing to take up the job.

The Sheri revolts in the Shadow Realm had gotten to such an extreme boiling point in the Central Continent, that the Saronids had launched a hydrogen bomb upon the Sheris; but the bomb had been so powerful, that it caused the entire continent to collapse, wiping it and everyone who lived on it off the face of the Earth. One of the signs of the coming of the savior or destroyer in Sheri folklore is that one of the continents have been destroyed, thus fueling Sheri zeal even more, leading to the Sheris preparing themselves for his coming.


The modern-day demographics of the Earth vary depending on the Realm in question. For the Light Realm, it is predominantly Human (80%) with a notable Chocobo (12%) and Gooey (8%) minority. As for religion, most people are Sheri (60%) with there being a very sizeable minority of Christians (40%). The Chocobos, Gooeys, and approximately 25% of humans are Christian, with the rest of the population being Human Sheris.

As for the Shadow Realm, the demographics are a lot more diverse. Saronids are the majority of the population (51%), with there being a sizeable minority of Dragons (11%), Shadows (10%), Spirits (10%), Bread people (8%), Gooeys (8%), and Humans (1%). The Saronids, Bread people, Gooeys, and Humans are Christian, while the Dragons, Shadows, and Spirits are predominantly Sheri.

Government and Politics

Light Realm

The Eastern and Western Continents are controlled by Sheri dynasties as a result of the revolts. These Sheri dynasties have severely persecuted Christians ever since taking power. This lead to the Christian Refugee Crisis, which along with the conquest of the Southern Continent's Shadow Realm, ultimately lead to the establishment of the Guardian of the Realms.

The Southern Continent is a very peculiar case, as it had no Sheri dynasty to rule it. This is because during the Sheri Revolts, 2 ambitious swordsmen took advantage of the chaos. The older brother Elijah went to the Shadow Realm to establish his kingdom, while the younger brother Elisha took control of the Light Realm. Elisha's government is very tyrannical, yet it lead to more peace due to him crushing the conflict between the Sheris and Christians.

Very recently, the Northern Continent had become one of the 2 Continents to have their Sheri dynasties toppled. The Evil had possessed someone in order to use him as a vessel in order to absorb the power of the Earth, but the Evil had also known of prophecy foretold by Sher. In order to try and stop the savior, the Evil massacred the entire dynasty, with only 2 people surviving. Ever since their collapse, an aspiring gang of Christian Chocobos known as the Chocobo Mafia decided to take advantage of this opportunity, putting themselves in power and thus ruling the entire Northern Continent under a Christian government once again. This has sparked up Sheri and Christian tensions even more, resulting in Sheri revolts yet again in the Northern Continent.

Shadow Realm

Unlike the Light Realm, there is no central authority that controls an entire continent, with the exception of the Southern Continent. This is due to the ongoing war between the Christians and Sheris in the other continents, leading to there being a split in territory.

The Christian nation-states are de facto Saronid ethno-states, with minorities like Bread people and Gooeys effectively being treated as Second Class citizens. This has lead to many of them leaving these countries to establish their own city-states. Due to both these Christian minorities and Sheris sharing oppression from Saronids, this has lead to them both allying against Saronids despite their religious differences. The Saronid nations have the highest standard of living out of any other country in the world, and they are highly militant, trying to commit genocide against all Sheris in the Shadow Realm. Unlike other nations, the Saronids have a system of government with a democracy and parliament, which is highly different compared to the more common dynastic countries seen among other peoples. They also have a technology called the internet, which allows them to communicate with other users even across different continents, something Sheris have no possibility of ever doing.

Sheris have their own settlements far away from the cities, and they are far more simple due to the Sheris' luddite nature. The Sheris are far more diverse than the Christians, with there being a significant population of Dragons, Shadows, and Spirits in a single settlement. Due to the aggressive nature of the Saronids, the Sheris have launched numerous attacks against them in an attempt to topple their power, but they have yet to shown the success of the revolts against the Gooeys. The entire religion of Sherism has been deemed a terrorist organization by the Saronid nations, all Sheris are forbidden from entering their territory, and any citizen who has been caught being Sheri is executed.

The Southern Continent is yet again another exception. Shortly after Elijah and his wife moved to the Shadow Realm, Elijah conquered the entire Southern Continent under his control and established the Kingdom of Elijah, declaring himself "The Supreme Leader, Sire King Lord Emperor Elijah Featherstonehaugh Sr." of the Shadow Realm. Much like the regime of his younger brother, the war between Christians and Sheris came to a complete end, due to nobody being able to challenge his authority. It is also the only one of the continents in the Shadow Realm to allow the immigration of Christian Refugees.


The Eastern Continent is made up of plains with a few forests and a lake. The Western Continent is made up of a large jungle. The Northern Continent is a plain with some forests similar to the Eastern continent, but it is very cold and snowy in the Northern Continent. The Southern Continent is made up of a large desert with a few oases and a long river with a delta at the end; the few settlements in the Southern Continent make it considerably easier to maintain control there than compared to places like the Western or Northern Continent.

In the Shadow Realms of the 4 continents, they each have an area which is designated as a forbidden no man's land. They have a cavern system which leads deep underground, where one will eventually find a shining needle guarded by a Skull Demon. If all 4 needles are pulled, it would cause the Realms to merge, which would allow the absorption of the Earth's energy and power. Thus, it has been agreed upon by all sides that these needles are to never be touched.

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