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Saron Stephen Qaronson
Art of Saron drawn by Daniel, the original designer of Saron
City of the Holy Spirit
Nationality Elijian
Other names
  • The Son of the Prophet
  • The Fallen Angel
  • The Funny Orb Man
  • The Head Royal Scientist of the Kingdom of Elijah
  • The CEO of SaronTech Inc.
  • Saron Qaronson (christened "Stephen") is a world-renowned inventor, entrepreneur, and the Chief Executive Officer of SaronTech Inc. He is also the Head Royal Scientist of the Kingdom of Elijah, allying with his government since its inception. By far his most notable invention is Saronet, a global online communication network which allows people to interact with each other from even devices that can fit in one's pocket. It has also massively increased the accessibility of information, which combined with intercontinental communication has made it the most revolutionary technology he has ever invented.


    Saron was born in Kesoraqon (Now known as City of the Holy Spirit). Even as a child, Saron took an immense liking towards technology, and would always try experimenting with it. When he was 8 years old, he invented Saronet, which brought massive amounts of wealth to his family. But when he was 11 years old, his parents divorced, with his mother taking custody of him. She had also taken most of his money through child-support, leaving his father Qaron in poverty.

    After Elijah's conquest shortly after, Elijah took notice of Saron's immense talent, and decided to make him the Head Royal Scientist of the Kingdom of Elijah. As a Royal Scientist, he is tasked with doing projects commissioned to him by Elijah. He was also allowed to found his own corporation too, SaronTech Inc.

    Notable Inventions

    As discussed earlier, Saronet is Saron's most impactful invention, as it has allowed for the intercontinental communication of all those who have access to Saronet, and it is highly popular among Christian settlements. Another impressive invention of his are highly advanced cans, which are cans that can infinitely produce whatever the user imagines, but they have been banned for the general public. One impactful invention of his is the teleporter, which is a device that allows for people to teleport to other teleporters. This has been immensely revolutionary for intercontinental travel, as before the only way to travel across other continents was to take a dragon to the Light Realm and fly to where you wanted. An invention of his that is also quite remarkable is the fusion machine. It can combine any two people into one whole being, provided the people in the fusion are of the same sex, which has not really been a problem since Saron invented his sex changer machine. The compatibility and effectiveness of the fusion is also reliant upon their personality and some other factors. And by far the most interesting of his works is... Raynistion. He is this weird egg thing that is both highly powerful and intelligent. He is a lab assistant to Saron, but Ray also tends to go off and do his own thing quite often. Ray also likes using the portal gun to put a portal on top of another and jump into it, and he also likes launching people off cliffs with the gravity gun.

    Personal Life

    Saron's relationship with his father had been loose ever since he had been separated from him. Shortly after Qaron became a cult leader, he had been keen on getting his son to join his cult, but Saron has never agreed with the values that he preached and thus has never joined. After the divorce, his mother got remarried to the Prime Minister, but he shortly after lost power because of Elijah's conquest; they live together far away in some oasis now. Despite the fact that Saron is a billionaire, he lives in a cabin on the outskirts of town with his giant laboratory in the basement. Saron spends most of his fortune on furthering his scientific endeavors, keeping his spending elsewhere to a minimum. The only other people who live in his shack are his assistants. At the age of 18, Saron had gotten married and had a son; his family lives in the Elijah's Palace, where he visits occasionally.

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