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 This article is part of Altverse II.
Federal Republic of Awaristan

Awaristan, Maharulalistan
Flag of Awaristan
Location of Awaristan
Capital Xunzax
Largest city Boliq̇
Demonym(s) Awaristani, Awar
Time zone UTC+4
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Driving side right
Calling code +427 (de facto), +429 (de jure)
ISO 3166 code AW
Internet TLD .aw, .dg

Awaristan (Awar: Awaristan or Maharulalistan), officially the Federal Republic of Awaristan (Awar: Awar Nutsalhi), is a partially-recognised state in the North Caucasus, Europe. Awaristan consists of ?? provinces, with boundaries mostly based on ethnic groups, and which each hold some autonomy. Awaristan is bordered with Waynakhia to the north-west, Georgia to the west and south-west, Azerbaijan to the south, and Dagestan proper to the east. The country has a total land area of ?? sq km, making it the ?? largest country in the world by land area, and a population of ?? at the 2020 Census, making it the ?? largest country in the world by population. The capital of Awaristan is the town of Xunzaq̇; other major cities and towns in the country include Boliq̇, Dilim, Ġandi, Kkarata, Mekelta, and Unsokolo.

Awaristan declared its unilateral independence from Dagestan in TBD, stating that years of deliberate under-investment by the federal government in Dagestan had led to the region suffering from serious social and economic issues, with repeated negotiations and attempts to resolve the issue bringing no positive results. It declared the goal of becoming a fully sovereign state and maintaining a positive political relationship with Dagestan, and has since gained diplomatic recognition from TBD member states of the League of Nations. Dagestan does not recognise Awaristan as a sovereign state and continues to claim it as the constituent federal state of Awaristan, but it accepts the government and authorities of Awaristan following the TBD agreement in TBD. Its three other neighbours recognise it as independent, and economic investment from other SECA member states has created signs of improvement in the country's economy and standard of living.