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 This article is part of Altverse II.

This is a list of face claims in use on Altverse II. Face claims (also spelled "faceclaims") are the use of real-life individuals or existing fictional characters to represent a fictional, in-universe character. Sometimes, but not always, the in-universe character is the same or similar to their respective face claim.


Since Altverse II is an alternate history timeline based on our world, it is important and imperative that the face claim used or depicted only uses real life photographs or paintings. Unless there is an in-universe, justified explanation to prove otherwise, using fictional characters from media such as a cartoon or anime are unacceptable if used as the primary representation for a character. In addition, it is highly recommended that face claims use only public or noteworthy figures to avoid privacy concerns. The rule of thumb is to find a free license or Creative Commons image of an individual (one may use Wikimedia Commons), or utilize Google's search function to find similarly licensed images. Although not recommended for major biographies, thispersondoesnotexist.com is useful to creating completely original face claims. The biggest caveat is that each face claim generated is unique and cannot be replicated to show the same "face" in different poses or situations. In other words, there will only ever be one image to represent your character if you choose this route.

The main point of divergence in Altverse II is in 1914, where Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria avoids assassination. Ignoring the other points of divergence in Anglo-America, the butterfly effect would take a while with its rippling effects on the world. The rule of thumb is, anyone born before the 1920s can generally be said to still exist in Altverse II. Thus, face claims should ideally avoid using people who have lived prior to this decade, but exceptions may be allowed (such as if a lesser known face claim is used to represent a character in 19th-century Anglo-America) depending on the circumstances. It is important to note that face claims can also include alternate versions of OTL figures (such as an Adolf Hitler who became a successful artist) if it can be justified within the universe satisfactorily.

A list of face claims is a convenient way to maintain consistency throughout the project and prevent a conflict of interest over the same representation of a character. In rare instances, it is permissible that a face claim be used on multiple individuals (as is the case for canonical twins, triplets, et. al or due to legacy face claims such as Charles I of Austria with Charles I of Sierra). Before one creates a character, make sure to consult this list, which will be continuously updated, to ensure that your intended face claim has not already been claimed here. Any disputes or concerns should be escalated to Centrist16, as well as to the controlling contributor of the desired face claim.


Below is a list of all actively claimed face claims, listed in alphabetical order by first name (preferably based on the English Wikipedia article entry name, if applicable) of the OTL face claim.

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